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Cinderella Studio Tour
The Atlanta Opera Studio Tour
The tour teaches introductory knowledge about opera through both performances themselves and accompanying Georgia Performance Standards materials. Recommended for grades K-12.

Who needs a fairy godmother? When Rossini wrote his version of the Cinderella story, he showed that goodness and kindness, rather than magical trappings, can be the most effective way to arrive at a fairy-tale ending. This one hour opera performance includes sparkling music, a pair of comically catty sisters, devious disguises, and one of the most compelling heroines of all time.

Presented at The Atlanta Opera Center.

No tickets will be mailed for this performance.
Sat 5/13/17 11:00AM

Puccini’s epic tale centers around the Princess Turandot, who decapitates each suitor who fails to answer her riddles. Calaf falls in love with the ruthless Princess and heroically wins her ghastly game. Shockingly, Calaf proposes his own riddle to the Princess and puts his love and life in the hands of Turandot.
Sat 4/29/17 8:00PM
Tue 5/2/17 7:30PM
Fri 5/5/17 8:00PM
Sun 5/7/17 3:00PM

The Secret Gardener
The Discoveries series partners with New York-based On Site Opera to bring Mozart’s The Secret Gardener to life in a new site-specific co-production. Written by an 18-year-old Mozart, The Secret Gardener is a story of love, madness, and redemption that unfolds in the lush setting of a beautiful garden.
Sat 5/20/17 1:30PM

The Seven Deadly Sins
The Seven Deadly Sins is a ballet chanté (sung ballet) that centers on the duality of the opera’s personae, Anna I and Anna II. She/They embark on a seven-city pursuit of the American dream. In turn, they uncover each of the seven deadly sins: pride, covetousness, lust, wrath, gluttony, envy, and sloth. As is the case with all Discoveries series productions, this is not your standard opera. The Seven Deadly Sins is an immersive experience with opera singers, ballet dancers, and a composition by Kurt Weill written in 1933 during a tumultuous epoch in his native Germany. The work critiques capitalism, weaves in popular music stylings of the era, and, through song and dance, will envelop the audience into a story of sin and revelation.
Thu 9/28/17 7:30PM
Sat 9/30/17 7:30PM
Thu 10/5/17 7:30PM
Fri 10/6/17 7:30PM

The Flying Dutchman

In this new production of Wagner’s epic work based on the legendary ghost story, the cursed Dutchman is doomed to wander the seas until he can find a faithful wife. When a sailor’s daughter, Senta, vows to save him from his fate, an obsession begins which tests the course of true love.

The Daughter of the Regiment

Marie is a spirited canteen girl, adopted and raised by a French army regiment. When she receives new information about her identity, she must decide whether to follow society, or follow her heart. Acclaimed director E. Loren Meeker leads this production of Donizetti’s screwball comedy set among the Swiss Alps.

Out Of Darkness: Two Remain
Composer Jake Heggie and librettist Gene Scheer's moving two-act opera centers on Holocaust survivors visited by ghosts of their past. In Act I, Krystyna shares her gripping story of survival with a journalist, and is helped by the ghosts of Auschwitz who were inspired by her written lyrics. In Act II, Gad Beck is visited by his first true love, the poet Manfred Lewin, who perished in Auschwitz. As Manfred implores Gad to remember and celebrate their love, the painful truth of their stories and fates emerges. Based in part on the true stories of two Holocaust survivors: the Polish dissident Krystyna Zywulska (1914-1993) and the gay German Jew, Gad Beck (1923-2012).
Thu 4/5/18 7:30PM
Fri 4/6/18 7:30PM
Sat 4/7/18 7:30PM
Sun 4/8/18 7:30PM
Thu 4/12/18 7:30PM
Fri 4/13/18 7:30PM
Sat 4/14/18 7:30PM
Sun 4/15/18 7:30PM


Bizet’s powerful masterpiece centers on the beautiful and free-spirited gypsy Carmen, who temps the hapless Don Jose with uninhibited seduction. When his obsession makes her grow weary, the torment he feels brings their love to a violent conclusion.

Sweeney Todd

In this dark and witty tale, revenge-hungry Sweeney Todd returns to London after a long exile. After befriending the owner of a local pie shop, Mrs. Lovett, the two hatch a gruesome plan that propels the story into a vast, bloody hellscape. Based on the Victorian short story The String of Pearls, Stephen Sondheim’s musical thriller won the 1979 Tony Award for Best Musical.